My name is Ronald Snip, living in Europe in The Netherlands. I have an interest in history and more specifically in World War I. For ten years I have traveled along the former Western Front. This front, which starts at the coast of Belgium and goes through France ends at the Swiss border. Its total length is about 750 km (466 miles).

Along this route you can find a thousand military cemeteries of many nations, more than 20 fortresses, 30 museums, several preserved battlefields which includes trenches and mine craters and a lot of monuments and memorials.


In 2017 I decided to write an illustrated travel guide with the goal to provide the interested a clear overview of what can be visited. This travel guide is different from the ones which already exist. Due to its clear overview, detailed maps, richly illustrated with photo's, GPS coordinates and adresses and a webpage for each subject which provide actual opening times and Google Maps, you will always find these remnants (which are sometimes hidden in the forests).


This website mainly serves as an extension to the soft-cover illustrated travel guides. In the menu WW1-France

If you plan to visit the former Western Front of France and/or Belgium and would like to get the best out of your vacation then I can provide you with lots of usefull information. For additional information and the request of a detailed planning, visit the Plan your trip website




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